On Jordanian Hospitality

It’s not every day someone offers to find me a husband. But after two hours of conversation and a spectacular feast with a Jordanian host family, the mother assured me that if I ever came back to Jordan, I simply had to tell her my preferences she’d have a line of potential suitors waiting for me. Apparently being a “pretty American girl” with “great hair” makes me a hot commodity around these parts. So, I’ll be keeping that in my back pocket for the time being. (She was definitely mostly serious.) Continue reading


On My First 26 Hours in the Middle East

I got into Jordan around 9:00 pm last night (Saturday) after leaving my house around 3:00 pm Friday. Since then, I’ve been going through cycles of exhaustion and inexplicable alertness, and I think it’s safe to say my circadian rhythm is as rhythmic as my regular rhythm (i.e. not at all). But I’m hopeful things will get on track tonight.

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