My 5 Favorite Cookie Recipes

Given how much I bake, it’s sort of surprising I’ve never gotten around to blogging about it. But I kind of figure there are plenty of food blogs out there, and I prefer to reap the benefits of those rather than add to them. Maybe that’s selfish. I dunno. But my friend Collin requested I compile a list of my five favorite cookie recipes to share with interested readers.

It’s been a tough couple of days trying to narrow it down to just five, and I should preface this list with the disclaimer that I like my cookies chewy. I’ll eat a crunchy cookie if it seems worth it, but I’m just as likely to turn up my nose at one.

I’m also opting for a range of recipes in this list. I have several favorite recipes involving chocolate, but when I sat down to make this, one is the clear winner. It was interesting to realize that I still don’t have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’m in love with. (Feel free to send me one if you feel yours is *the* one).

5. Browned Butter Snickerdoodles from All That’s Left is the Crumbs

  • If you like Snickerdoodles, these will seriously rock your world. Brown butter anything is amazing. Any recipe that includes it makes me immediately interested in trying it. Browning the butter in these cookies adds a richness I didn’t even know was missing. (I also cannot recommend highly enough the Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats from Smitten Kitchen, but those aren’t cookies, so they aren’t officially on the list).

4. White Chocolate Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies from Ambitious Kitchen

  • Normally, I’m not really into fruit desserts. I made these this spring when I gave up (brown) chocolate for Lent and was desperately searching for something to compensate. And these cookies are damn good. Honestly, I could probably have just made a list of five awesome recipes from this blog ’cause using coconut oil instead of butter makes for heavenly chewy cookies. This lady knows what’s up.

3. Coconut [Butter] Cookies from Martha Stewart

  • I feel compelled to note that every other recipe I’ve tried from Martha Stewart has been anticlimactic – they’re usually overly complicated and you don’t get enough bang for your effort. Along those lines, I don’t bother with rolling these cookies in extra coconut, it’s messy and unnecessary. The chewy, buttery awesomeness of these cookies requires no extra flare. It’s basically a macaroon with more substance and a nicer texture.

2. Crack Cookies (AKA Brown Sugar Cookies) from Cook’s Illustrated

  • These suckers are sweet. They are not for the faint of heart, but good lord, they are good. If you like pecan pie (in terms of sheer avalanche of sweet), you will love these. I do. But I also can’t eat more than a couple in a sitting – which is probably for the best. I found them in an old copy of Cook’s Illustrated, and my life is better for having done so. I also have an amazing gingersnap recipe from them, but the online version is behind the paywall. This recipe probably is, too, but I feel the world needs to understand what they are missing.

1. Fudgy Nutella Cookies with Sea Salt also from Ambitious Kitchen

  • These cookies win. At everything. It’s basically a way to eat Nutella out of the jar without feeling like a blerch. I can’t make them or I will eat so, so many. I can’t even with these cookies. Like I said, this lady knows what’s up. If I were going to include another chocolate recipe, her Double Chocolate Cookies are amazing, but these ones top them without question.

So there it is. Top five. Until I find something new and even more awesome and something has to get bumped.


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