On a Glorious Sunset Run in Copenhagen

My street in Copenhagen

I hadn’t realized I was going through endorphin withdrawal, but in hindsight it makes sense. I’ve been running four days a week for the past… six, eight, ten (?) months. Although I’ve been walking miles and miles (and miles) every day, my body needed more vigorous activity. So I finally started to feel like myself again on a glorious five mile run around Copenhagen last night – cause, ya know, it doesn’t get dark here until after 10:00.

I’ve only been here about 16 hours (6.5 of which I was sleeping), but I already really like this city. The people seem friendly, the shops are open late, and I can find things that are familiar to me: like vitamin water and Ikea step stools. Even though this place is ragingly expensive (my vitamin water at the airport serious cost like $7).

Thankfully, I’m staying with a couchsurfing host again (so I’m not paying out the wazoo for a room), and he’s got a couple of other couchsurfers staying with him this week, too. So I’m going to go off with two Austrian girls today and find some adventure.

But back to my run… It was so good! Granted, the hazard of becoming a long distance runner is that my “warm up” now takes a few miles, which is ridiculous. I wasn’t terribly thrilled for the first mile or two, but miles four and five were fantastic.

And it was really, really nice to just be running to run last night. I made it a point not to look at my GPS watch until I got back to the house, because it didn’t matter how far I was running. I’m not training for anything. I’m just giving my body what it needs.

I’d been feeling pretty low in Budapest. Two+ weeks of travel were wearing on me, mentally and physically. But after my run and staying with a group of warm and friendly people, I’m back to loving life and this trip.

I mean, how can I not enjoy a city where people don’t lock up their bikes?! It’s amazing!


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