On Architecture Above and Below

ImagePrague’s got some seriously neat buildings. Most of them aren’t as postmodern as the “dancing house,” and I spent a lot of today just wandering around and looking up. My Flickr gallery for today has a lot of pictures of Prague’s architecture – some of the buildings are famous, but many are just plain pretty whether I know any backstory or not.

It was rainy and grey when I woke up this morning, and apparently I haven’t vanquished my jetlag as thoroughly as I’d prefer. So I didn’t leap out of bed ready and raring to go. Instead, I grudgingly got myself out the door without any particular agenda for the day. This led to much ambling around, and yes, my iPhone’s compass does work without wifi, so I’m getting better at navigating the streets of Prague!

Since the weather was crumby, it seemed like a great day to investigate the underground portion of the city. This sounds a fair bit cooler than it ended up being – since it’s not like the catacombs of Paris or something labyrinthine or mysterious. Medieval Prague suffered from some pretty bad flooding, so they just filled in a bunch of the old streets and built over the houses. The tour took us to four different underground houses, and I heard a lot about medieval architecture and customs and whatnot, which was neat if not riveting. Sadly, the pictures didn’t come out well, so I only have a vague notion of medieval life to show for the experience.



I’m calling it an early night tonight, so I grabbed myself some more Trdelnik and headed back to my room – including the 210 steps it takes to get up the hill to my lodging on the north side of the river. I’m definitely going to have to look into public transportation for race day. Those stairs are not gonna work for me after running 26 miles.



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