On Puppets and Serendipity


I got a late-ish start this morning after nearly 12 glorious hours of sleep. I was still a bit apprehensive after yesterday’s venture into the streets proved emotionally taxing, but once I sucked it up and decided to brave the unknown, what wonders did I find?!?

Tim Burton, that’s what.

I opted to spend most of today wandering around and getting myself oriented. This proved somewhat successful, but I’ve mostly just discovered that Prague’s streets are windy, confusing, and I will constantly end up facing the wrong direction. (And after I typed that, I remembered that my iPhone has a compass app on it, and if it works without internet connection, I’m totally going to use it from now on!! Alternately, I’m going to buy a damn compass the next time I walk by a sporting goods store). However, wandering proved successful beyond my wildest dreams when I found this big inflatable dude hanging around one of the squares. Lo and behold, the sad blue man is a harbinger of a Tim Burton exhibit, and I gleefully paid my admission.

We weren’t supposed to take pictures inside (strictly speaking), so I had to fight the impulse. But my will-power is only so strong under such circumstances, and I snapped a couple of surreptitious images with my phone. Since WordPress takes longer than I’m willing to wait to upload these things, check out my Flickr album for today’s tidbits.

After Burton, I moved on to more traditional fare – the Alphonse Mucha museum, which was lovely. I’ve always been a fan of art nouveau, and I didn’t realize Mucha was Czech until, like, three days ago when I started looking at guidebooks and got excited. The same thing happened when I went to Vienna two years ago and discovered that Klimpt was Austrian. It’s somehow even more exciting when I don’t know this stuff until I arrive.

One thing I did have planned in advance, however, was a trip to the National Marionette Theater in Prague. I’d purchased a ticket to their production of Don Giovanni after my editor sent me the link. In hindsight, I maybe should have realized that puppet opera might not really be my cup of tea. I mean, I love puppets. And I like opera (I’m still excited to be seeing a real opera here on Thursday). But I discovered tonight that those two things together do not make for a match made in heaven. I left at intermission.

Admittedly, they did add a few noteworthy flourishes – like having it “rain” on stage, and giving one of the lady puppets a heaving bosom (yes, it really moved up and down). But I ended up finding the puppeteers’ hands more interesting than the puppets and then did some journaling through the last half hour of act one. Really, I just wish I could see a show with the puppets I found at a toy shop in the middle of the afternoon (which I’m seriously considering the merits of purchasing/mailing home)…Image

2 thoughts on “On Puppets and Serendipity

  1. If you don’t get that unicorn you will regret it forever! Love your blog darling daughter. Yo’Moma

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